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Rays of Heat by Jannine Bennett

Jannine Bennett

Rays of Heat

44cm x 59cm (includes frame)

>> Photography Jannine’s creative outlet; she is not a professional. She enjoys capturing different angles on life and travel, the shot no one else gets. Her Nikon weighs her backpack down as she wanders the world – portraits captured on the run are her favourites.


Rays of Heat

by Gavin McGrath

Rays of heat. Perceived only by shadows cast. And marks that last.
Life withers. Grass turned brown, then white. Ghosts in twilight.
Some green remains.
Trees, stout and tall, having long weathered harsh rays.
Saplings, young and defiant, to weather them for future days.
Relief draws near. The earth turns its back. Rays fade. The land becomes grey then black.
But relief cannot last. Its inevitable defeat?
A new day. New rays of heat.

Listen to Gavin’s poem:

>> Writer, journalist and now radio broadcaster, Gavin is the morning presenter for ABC Local Radio in Ballarat and South Western Victoria. Usually the person asking others about their artistic pursuits, Weathering the Future is Gavin’s first formal dip into the world of creative writing.
Jannine’s response to Gavin’s text:
Stunning words that capture the juxtaposition of life and death in the never-ending summer heat of Central Victoria in 2018, a new future. The ride-on mower threw up clouds of dust that were struck and illuminated by the burning afternoon sun – the moment I snapped this photo.

A poster by Jessica Rae for text by Gavin McGrath
A poster by Jessica Rae for text by Gavin McGrath

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