A mystery here

Poem by Rhonda Cotsell, in response to a work in the Weathering the Future exhibition.
Poem by Rhonda Cotsell, in response to a work in the Weathering the Future exhibition.
It’s great to see some visitors to the exhibition taking the time to add chatterboxes to the hanging Precipice work, and also leave thoughts on the comment wall.

We were struck by this example from Rhonda Cotsell:

There is a mystery here
I recognise the skill
of weaving
It is the craftswoman in
the contrast of soft
white, pink tinged
Is it something on which
I have a right
to comment?
I don’t understand
what it is saying
but it suggests
death or maybe
food gathering?
I need to listen
if I am to use what words
I have
at my disposal,
my cultural

The exhibition is open today, Saturday 15 December, and tomorrow, Sunday 16 December, noon till 4pm, and again from Thursday 20 December to Sunday 23 December, noon till 4pm.

Bonus poem as exhibition resumes on Thursday

Unbearable...so you think I can eat plastic by Ken Makings
Unbearable…so you think I can eat plastic by Ken Makings. Picture: Ian Kemp
Backspace gallery is open Thursday 13 December until Sunday 16 December, noon-4pm, and again the following Thursday-Sunday. Please pop in and check out the art, much of which is for sale (there’s a Christimas hint for you!).

Two of our writers got so inspired, they submitted two poems, but only one each could be used in the exhibition.

To mark the reopening of Backspace tomorrow, here is the poem from Rhonda Poholke that didn’t get used in Weathering the Future, responding to Ken Making’s “Unbearable…”. [click here to read, or hear, Rhonda’s other poem.] Enjoy:

A Helpless Animal Cries to the Earth

Because there is a crack running through
the chill white dawn, and the sky is melting
into the blood-thick horizon,
and I
feel every ache and weight pressing
against your heartbeat.
I’d mention the fish too – but there are
none to speak of anymore,
so I listen
for an echoing syllable of hope
and I cry
and starve and die for you.

On Sunday 16 December, the Art Gallery of Ballarat is having a gala launch of its summer program from 2pm till 5pm. It’s a perfect opportunity to pop into Backspace, too!